Conditions of Play
Singha - ISF Juniors Golf Open 2022
Sunday 25 September 2022
Prime Golf and Resort
Topics Details
Objectives : To promote golf to youngsters
To encourage players to achieve their goals in the game of golf and
offer chances to participate in the oversea tournaments
Tournament Date : Sunday 25 September 2022
Tee Time: From 08:00 am. onward
All players must register at least 30 minutes before their tee time
Format of Play : Stroke Play Gross Score over 18 holes in 1 day.
Age Classification : The players are classified by their age and gender (Age Group) as follow:

Class A Boys/Girls 15 years old and above
Class B Boys/Girls 13 14 years
Class C Boys/Girls 11 12 years
Class D Boys/Girls 9 10 years
Class E Boys/Girls 7 - 8 years

Currently, we are useing the date of Birth to classify players.   For example, after calculation, if your age is 12 years 11 months and 29 days, you still play in Class C.  On the following day, you will then be moved to Class B.
Playability Classification : ISF had long experienced in Junior Golf Competition and understood that the play ability of each player differed.   Some serious golfers played very well while others are the weekend golfers or beginners.   To encourage both the better players and the rest of the field, we decided to split the players of each class into two divisions.

  Premiership Division : Place for the better players who received many trophies.
Championship Division : Place for the rest of the field and the new members.

How the player get into each group. The rules are simple.

1. The new members will have to join the Championship Division first unless they request to join directly into the Premiership Division.  Once granted, they cannot play in the Championship Division until they move into the new age group.

2. On any day, if they reach the minimum age of the next age group, they will be transferred to that age group immediately.   When this happen, they will start in Championship Division of that age group first.  Again, if they request to play in the Premiership Division, once granted, they cannot play in the Championship Division until they get into the new age group on the following year or years after.

3. The third rule is important.  The players in the Championship Division who received two winning trophies (Winner trophy only) will be automatically moved to the Premiership Division start from the following tournament for the rest of the season.   This is to give a chance for other players in the Championship Division to get a trophy as motivation or encouragement.
Qualification : Junior Golfers within the given age range who maintain his/her amateur statas in accordance with R&A Rules of Amateur Status
Size of Field : Approximately 70 players will be hosted on first come first serve basis.  However, ISF reserved the right to alter maximum number of players as deem fit with the time slot allocated by the venue golf course.
Application Fee : Baht 1,900.00 (inclusive of green fee, caddy fee and prizes) excluding meals.   Please check with our tournament calendar for the latest information.
Membership Fee : Annual fee of Baht 800.- per family
Enrollment : Enrollment is for tournament by tournament only.
Enrollment base on first come first serve basis.
Please apply through email or LINE.
Voice call must be the last choice for we travel a lot and it is illigal to answer the phone while driving.
The draw sheet will be updated daily.
Please visit our website to check the latest status especially the evening before the tournament date.
Withdrawal Withdrawal must be made before Friday prior to the tournament date.
Failure to do so will be suspended for the next 2 tournaments.
Closing Date : Within Friday prior to the tournament date.
Rules of Golf : R&A Rules of Golf and Local Rules shall govern all play.
Decision on tie : A Sudden Death Play-off from a designated hole will be imposed to select the Winner of each category.
If the situation or the weather condition does not allow to do so, the committee will announce a method to finalise the tie.

For other rank, a form of count back from
last nine holes (10-18)
last six holes (13-18)
last three holes (16-18)
and hole by hole count back from 18 onward will be imposed until the tie is decided.

*** Objections must be made before prize presentation ***
*** Decisions made by ISF committee are final ***
Observers : Parents or Observers are allowed to follow the players.   Keep a reasonable distance from the players without interfering or interrupting the game.
Be polite and keep quiet at all time.
Person in breach of regulations will be dismissed from the golf course. !!
Use of Golf Cart : E Boys and E Girls must use golf cart
D Girls must use golf cart
The rest must walk

Drive on the cart path only !!
Number of golf carts are limited.  Priority are for small players as stated.   Any excess will then be allocated to parents on first come first serve basis.
Prizes : *** Prizes are for up-to-date members only ***
Prizes and Certificate of Achievement are as follow :

Premiership/Championship Division
13 players     1 trophy
45 players     2 trophies
67 players     3 trophies
89 players     4 trophies
10 players or more   5 trophies

(Certificate of Achievement will be issued to the top five only)

ISF committee reserved the right to alter the numbers without prior notice.
Contact : Mr. Pongnat Vatanasak (Paul)
International Sports Federation (ISF)
email :
Mobile : +66 61 878 6565
Office hour : 10.00 am. - 6.00 pm. (weekday only)
International Sports Federation (ISF)
557/67 Soi Happyland Trading Center 1, Klongchan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240
Mobile : 065 396 2969     Email :